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Over the last 40 years, the herd has grown to over 250 registered Hereford females, 100 cross breed recipients, 40 registered Red Angus along with 100 plus replacement females, 75 bulls and 100 steers on feed.

Mead Cattle Enterprises is owned and operated by Tommy Mead and Family. Tommy has been breeding Herefords for over 40 years. Tommy grew up on the family farm which is located in Midville, Georgia. Tommy's passion for Hereford cattle started as a boy with a man's vision and has been steadily growing ever since. He always says the Mead Program started as a 4-H project that got out of hand. 

In addition to using AI and embryo transfer, Mead Cattle uses geonomic testing on the bulls and donors to help advance EPDs. All of these tools have helped to elevate the level of The Mead Program. Select Sires recently acquired "Excede". The Mead- sired herd bulls and donor cows are proving their merit. The bulls are marketed as low birth weight, excelling in carcass quality, in top 20% of the breed for EPDs and indexes and offering some of the most completed EPD profiles. The Mead Program is a Global Animal Partnership certified which means voluntarily participating in audits that verify the cattle are being managed and treated per the USDA guidelines.